Anyone who’s ever rowed crew knows that coaches love rising the team before the sun, basking in all that pre-dawn glory before the rest of the world has even considered being away. Then you have the opposite of that, the hardcore night time rowers. These people are logging the ling miles on the erg and are ready to race, but still balancing a family. So the real question is, when is the best time to train? The Stroke Master is designed to give both haptic and kinetic feedback, so let’s optimize even more by training athletes at the correct time.

Contrary to many coaching styles today, studies are showing that a persons ideal time to train is in the mid to late afternoon. At this time of day your body, mind, and overall self are awake and ready to go. But, you’ll chronically hear the argument is that the best time to train is when there is time to train.

So, as device that assists in making athletes perform better on the water we wanted to dive in a little deeper for you.


No one will agree if there is one time better than another. When it comes down to it, it depends on schedules and availability. Possibly you’re coaching at the collegiate level, you know classes are time consuming and the homework load is next level. You’ll take a look at the class schedule for all of your athletes and plan practice around what will work best for everyone. THIS, my friend, is the ideal time to train. Other factors, what is the day-to-day recovery looking like for many of your athletes, are they recovering, being properly nourished, and properly hydrated? With the Stroke Master you are able to sync up your boat prior to hitting the water, this makes training more efficient.

Now, you’re probably pretty curious on how the Stroke Master makes your training more efficient and being focused on time of day training is less crucial. Visit our about page to understand more on how the Stroke Master works to benefit your training!