“This is an awesome piece of equipment and I believe crews will greatly benefit from this.”

Seattle Area Rower

“We had our rowers train on 4 of The Stroke Masterâ„¢ simulators set up at our winter training facility.  We found them helpful because simulating rowing, catching, and accelerating together on the drive assists the rowers to transition from off-water training to on-water training in the boat/shell…I see this potentially saving coaches a lot of time in the early part of the season if rowers can spend a few weeks, or the winter, training on The Stroke Masterâ„¢.  Coaches can put together boats that work well together even before getting on the water and be much faster in the early part of the season as they’ve already learned to row together and get into their swing.”

Nicolai Otte
Bainbridge Island Rowing – Novice Girls and Masters Coach

“The concept they are working on would help coaches and crews train more specifically and effectively. Their modifications go to the heart of successful on the water crews and increase the effectiveness of ergometer rowing. Besides the technical basis for preparing crews I would not understate  the added parameter of making an ergometer workout more interesting and collaborative for athletes of all ages.”

Bruce Beall
Former Olympic Rower & Collegiate Coach

“We worked with The Stroke Master ergometers through the last 6 weeks of winter. Only five of my rowers were consistent participants, and they got a lot of time working  in fours on the four Stroke Master ergometers… When I finally got a four out on a Saturday morning, the boat performed unusually well for that early in the season. In fact, they were at a state of skill that we don’t normally achieve until two months of rowing in the water…I want to state categorically that The Stroke Master has improved those of my crew who spent time on it during the winter off-water season.”

Thomas Condon
Masters Evening Coach – Kitsap Rowing Association

“I really like the challenge these machines bring in trying to perfect timing with my teammates.”
“This off water training tool is very useful, especially to practice as a boat.”

“I loved The Stroke Master. What I liked most was the new perspective I got from timing and connection.”

“It helps bridge the gap between land and water [training].”

“I liked that I could feel and see when the timing was off.”

“…The Stroke Master as a technical improvement device, in lieu of water time, would be invaluable.”

“I would rather row on The Stroke Master [than an erg], because staying in time is essential to making the boat overall faster.”

Various Rowers at the 2019 Northwest Youth Championships