The Stroke Master™ allows coaches to save time by doing seat-racing on dryland and even offer novice rowers a way to improve their skills before ever getting on the water.  A leveling of the playing field between men, women, novice and varsity is created by offering a team-sync mode – where the overall synchronization % of the team on a bank of simulators can be used as the priority performance gauge instead of just on time alone.

Not only does The Stroke Master revolutionize dryland training, it increases team skills. From having the utmost novice athlete to varsity members The Stroke Master allows for all athletes to feel the team work on land. Athletes can row in pairs, fours, or an eight-man “boat” while using The Stroke Master.

Whether rowing in doubles or as an eight-man boat athletes will know if they’re lagging in their stroke, and the teammates will know if they’re sanding bagging along. Assigning seats is a critical component to success and being able to find the best seats while on land really excels the process on the water.

Lastly, now, the software and hardware testing is finalized, and we’ve put together a team and shops for manufacture and delivery.  We are excited to bring The Stroke Master™ to the rowing community as it will revolutionize the off-water training experience.  

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