As you’re away The Stroke Master provides real-time haptic feedback that allows each rower to feel when the others are in or out of sync in both the drive and the recovery. The rowers will experience increased or decreased resistance when they are early or late to the catch or drive. Visual feedback offered by the iCrewPro app further assists your synchronization efforts by allowing you to see how early or late you are to the catch or drive as well as recovery.

With the premise of The Stroke Master in mind we created the Rowbot. A actual machine that we can row against to perfect scores and overall timing. It was also built to text the overall longevity of our product. The goal will be to have our Rowbot continually row machines and test new ones as they come out for synchronization!

Stay tuned to see more from the Rowbot in action.

Happy training!

– The Stroke Master Crew

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For more information on The Stroke Master, or to request a demo please visit this page, or call us at: 208-720-4326