The Stroke Master is the first simulator of its kind where you actually get to row with your team like you would on the water. What it does currently, is connects the ergs as a bank of two, four, eight, or as many as you’d like.

With The Stroke Master you will feel each other rowing with the stroke so as you drive you’ll feel your teammates drive, in sync out of sync. You’ll feel whether they’re lagging, sandbagging or poor pulling hard in the handle. The resistance will adjust every single stroke. So, it’s a it’s a unique product and again there’s nothing else like it.

The biggest benefits of using The Stroke Master is synchronization from a novice to the elite level. At the novice level it helps them understand how to get in sync because of the haptic feedback that it offers between the machines. While you’re rowing you could feel a heavier load or a lighter load based on if you’re early or late to the catch. So that helps you and the coach understand how to really dial in the synchronization.

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