Crew is a full-body, high-demand sport. In essence, this means your body burns a significant number of calories. When using the Stroke Master for your dryland training needs, you’ll be expending virtually the same — if not more — calories than you would on the water. The Stroke Master works as a team erg to train athletes at the same time, improving synchronization. The haptic and kinesthetic feedback allows athletes to hone in on their timing, and naturally, optimize for race season. 

As such a high energy sport, your body requires a carbohydrate and protein-dense diet to support the training and competition demands that crew athletes face. For male heavyweight rowers in particular (taller and more muscular than their lightweight counterparts), there is likely a higher caloric need to maintain strength and training requirements. That said, the busyness of life often gets in the way, making snack-time less of a priority.

However, the use of transferrable, energy-dense snacks is essential to meet daily requirements without adding extra volume to their dietary needs. These foods include the following (but are not limited to): 

  • Protein bars (I.e. ProBarGoMacro, and Bobo’s)
  • Medjool dates stuffed with nut butter
  • Yogurt with granola (organic and low sugar, when possible)
  • Fruit-based muffins (I.e. banana or pumpkin, naturally sweetened with maple syrup or coconut sugar)
  • Bagels with a nut butter spread 
  • Drinks I.e. sports drinks, coconut water, and on-the-go protein shakes 

These types of snacks are also useful as pre-training snacks before heading to early morning training sessions. Rowers also need to pay attention to recovery nutrition for multiple training sessions over the day. Recovery meals should be high in protein, potassium and BCAAs. If you would like meal suggestions, contact a sports-specific dietitian or your coach!

When focusing outside of the heavyweight rowers, it’s important to note that lightweight rowers also have similar nutritional needs. That said, every body — and every metabolism — is different. For lightweight rowers, rely on your coaches for more insight on how best to nutritionally fit demands. Generally, though, intuitive eating will be the solution. To know more about the Stroke Master and how it will optimize drylands training needs contact us here. If you would like to schedule a demo please call us at 208-720-4326.